AAP Rules & Regulations

Eligibility to Exhibit

The AAP Exhibition is an extension of the continuing medical education program of the American Academy of Pediatrics. In order for your application to be accepted by the Academy, your products and services must be related to the practice of pediatrics, and you must be in good financial standing with the AAP. The AAP has the right to withhold approval of the exhibition of products and services, which in its judgment do not further the education, scientific, or practice needs of our members and attendees. At the request of the AAP, an exhibitor shall remove any product or service included in the display for which approval has not been given.

The AAP reserves the sole right to render all interpretation, amend and enforce these regulations and to establish any and all further regulations not specifically covered to assure the general success and well-being of the Show. AAP reserves the right to decline, prohibit, deny access or remove any exhibit which in its sole judgement is contrary to the character, objectives, and best interests of the Show or suitable for its attendee audience. This reservation includes, but is not limited to, any violation of any public policy or these rules and regulations and extends to persons, things, printed matter, products, and conduct.

Display Regulations

Distribution of printed material by the exhibitor or its agents is limited to the area rented by the exhibitor in the exhibit area. Signage for product or activity promotion is not permitted outside the space contracted. Only those products listed on the exhibit application may be exhibited. Additional products for display must have AAP approval prior to the exhibition.

The use of the AAP logo or AAP conference logo is not permitted.

Distribution of Printed Materials and Canvassing by Industry

Canvassing in any part of the facilities used by the AAP is strictly forbidden, and anyone doing so will be requested to leave the building. Distribution of advertising or printed material by the exhibitor outside of the exhibitor’s allotted space will not be permitted unless the distribution or advertising is organized by the AAP. Regulations also apply to all hotels used by the AAP to house meeting attendees. These rules begin at 7:00 am on Wednesday, September 13, and continue through 6:00 on Tuesday, September 19.

Signs for AAP-approved sponsored functions are permitted, but are limited to 1 per hotel and must have prior approval from the AAP Exhibit Manager. Signage for product or activity promotion is NOT permitted outside the contracted exhibit space.

Selling of Products and Services

The purpose of the exhibits is to further the education of meeting attendees through product and service displays and demonstrations. Sales and order taking are permitted provided all transactions are conducted within the professional nature of the meeting. No signage or advertising of products pricing will be allowed. PRODUCTS FOR SALE MUST BE THE EXHIBITORS’ OWN UNALTERED, MARKETED PRODUCTS, AND THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES MUST BE PERTINENT TO THE ATTENDEES’ PROFESSIONAL INTEREST. The AAP reserves the right to restrict sales activities that it deems inappropriate or unprofessional.

Booth Activity

Demonstrations or live interviews must be confined to the limits of the space contracted. Special promotional activity must have prior AAP written permission and must be contained within the space contracted. Audiovisual and other sound effects must be regulated so that neighboring exhibits are not disturbed. The AAP Exhibit Manager reserves the right to determine at what point sound interferes with others and must be discontinued.

Food products may not be distributed unless they are products being promoted at the display or they are used to demonstrate the company’s product(s). Any exception to this policy must be approved by the AAP prior to the exhibition. All food and beverages must be ordered through the Center. Outside product will incur a corkage fee at the exhibitor’s expense. Please fill out the notification of intent to distribute premiums, novelty items or food products form, which can be found in the Online Exhibitor Service Manual. This form is due August 14, 2017. See food & drug administration compliance information below.

Exhibitors that collect attendee information from attendee badge bar codes (lead retrieval) may not share or sell the collected information. The sole purpose of contacting attendees is to provide information about their product or organization information. Exhibitors may not promote their participation at the AAP National Conference. The usage of email addresses collected from previous years or obtained outside the AAP National Conference is prohibited.

Live performance of any kind must have the approval of the AAP Exhibit Manager. License agreements for music covered by ASCAP, BMI, and other organizations are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

An exhibit booth may not be photographed or videotaped without the permission of the legitimate occupants of that booth. This prohibition extends to the members of the medical or lay press. Booth personnel should notify the Exhibit Manager if they are being photographed/videotaped without permission.


Literature Distribution. All demonstrations or other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibitor’s booth.
Distribution of circulars may be made only within the space assigned to the exhibitor distributing such materials. All book signings must be approved by the AAP. The AAP has the right to decline author signings. No advertising circulars, catalogs, folders, or devices shall be distributed by exhibitors in the aisles, meeting rooms, registration areas, lounges, or grounds of the convention center or any hotels included in the official AAP housing block. Trade publishers are prohibited from soliciting advertising during the Show. Trade publications may be distributed from their booth, but automatic distribution is prohibited.


The American Medical Association has adopted guidelines governing gifts to physicians from industry. These guidelines have been endorsed by the AAP and other medical organizations and by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association.

Novelty gifts or souvenirs not manufactured by the exhibiting company must be submitted to the AAP for review. These premiums should be items that can be used during the meeting or in the professional activities of the attendee. Please fill out the notification of intent to distribute premiums, novelty items or food products form, which can be found in the Online Exhibitor Service Manual. This form is due August 14, 2017.

The AAP may withhold or withdraw permission to distribute souvenirs, advertising, or other materials it considers objectionable. Exhibitors may not distribute stick-on emblems, buttons, unofficial badges, or company nameplates. No balloons may be used as display decoration or inflated to distribute to visitors of a display.

Sharing Space

Subletting or sharing exhibit space is permitted only for divisions of the same company, or upon approval by the AAP. If two or more companies wish to be assigned exhibit space adjacent to one another, each company must make this request in writing when the Application for Exhibit Space is made.

Exhibit Staffing

As a courtesy to the attendees, and to your fellow exhibitors, it is mandatory that exhibitors open their exhibits on time each day and staff them throughout each day of the meeting until the scheduled closing of the Exhibition on Monday, September 18, 2017.

Soliciting Exhibitors

Any exhibitors or company personnel who solicit other exhibitors at the exhibition will be considered in violation of AAP rules and regulations. The AAP reserves the sole right to determine if a violation has occurred and the right to remove the solicitors and/or their company from the exhibit floor. Exhibitors should inform the Exhibit Manager of any solicitations they receive.

No Smoking

The AAP has established a no-smoking policy for all AAP meetings. This policy applies to the exhibit area as well as all lounges and meeting rooms.


The AAP reserves the right to decide the penalty for a violation of the AAP Rules & Regulations, including refusal of or termination of the exhibit. In the event of such restriction or eviction, the AAP will not be liable for refunds or rentals or other exhibit expenses. In all interpretations of the rules and regulations, the decision of the AAP is final.

Education events in exhibit booths

Continuing medical education (CME)-accredited education cannot be offered on the exhibit floor. Exhibiting companies must inform the AAP, in writing, of all educational events offered in their booths. Notification letters must include a description of the event, identifying format, content, dates, time, and names of physicians involved in the delivery of the educational event. The notice must be sent to the attention of the AAP Exhibit Manager, no later than August 14, 2017.

Signage in booths must include the following wording:
This event is not a part of the AAP and is not approved for Category 1 CME Credit.

Exhibitor-Sponsored Ancillary Events

Any social function or special event planned by an exhibiting company, to take place during the AAP
National Conference & Exhibition, must be pre-approved by the AAP. Exhibitor agrees to withhold sponsoring hospitality suites/rooms or other functions during official conference and exhibition dates. Approved ancillary functions may not contain education. Promotion of product, services or organization is strictly prohibited. Approved functions can only take place prior to 8:00am or after 5:30pm. Distribution of exhibitor materials is not permitted to attendee sleeping room doors, AAP meeting rooms or anywhere else in the hotel and/or exhibit facility except in the specified booth space.

Booth Construction

Standard booth – All linear booths are 100 sq ft (10’ x 10’) unless otherwise noted. Booths have a back wall drape that is 8’ high, with sidewall drapes that are 36” high. Total height of exhibits (including decorations) may not exceed 8’3” in height. All display fixtures over 4’ in height and placed within 10 lineal feet of an adjoining exhibit must be confined to that area of the exhibitor’s space that is at least 5’ from the aisle line.

Island booth – An island exhibit is a display in four or more standard units with aisles on all four sides. Full use of the space is permitted, but the design of the booth must allow for see-through visibility and accessibility from all four aisles. No drapery is provided for island booths. Island booth displays (including decorations) may not exceed 20’ in height.

Hanging signs and graphics are permitted to a maximum height of 20’ from the floor to the TOP of the sign, provided approval is received from Tradeshow Logistics (contact information in Online Exhibitor Service Manual) by August 14, 2017.

General Information

Booth carpeting is mandatory and is the responsibility of the exhibiting company. Exposed unfinished sides or exhibit backgrounds must be draped to present an attractive appearance. The exhibits will be inspected at 7:00 on Friday, September 15, 2017. At this time the decorator, with the approval of the Exhibit Manager, will provide carpet and/or draping as deemed necessary. In addition, any boxes that have been sent and delivered to the booth will be unpacked and displayed. Any charges incurred will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors are responsible for reviewing union rules which vary from state to state.

Electrical requirements, projection requirements, and all furniture and accessories are the responsibility of the exhibiting company. Order forms for the above services and equipment will be included in the Online Exhibitor Service Manual.


The exhibitor shall, at it’s sole cost and expense, procure and maintain, throughout the term of the contract for exhibit space, comprehensive general liability insurance against claims for bodily injury or death and property damage occurring in or on, or resulting from, the space leased. This certificate of insurance is in addition to one obtained for independent contractors. The general liability insurance must list the American Academy of Pediatrics and McCormick Place as an additional insured. Such insurance shall include contractual liability of not less than $1,000,000. The exhibitor shall obtain and furnish, on the request of the Exhibit Manager, a certificate of insurance evidencing the required insurance.

The exhibitor shall, at it’s sole cost and expense, procure and maintain throughout the term of the contract for exhibit space, workers’ compensation insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws governing all of the exhibitor’s employees engaged in the performance of any work for the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall obtain and furnish, on request of the Exhibit Manager, a certificate of insurance evidencing the required insurance.

Children on Exhibit Floor for Installation & Dismantle Dates

For their own safety and protection children are not permitted on the exhibit floor during installation and dismantle hours. Children will only be permitted in the exhibit hall during exhibiting hours.

Food & drug administration compliance

All products that are not FDA approved for a particular use in humans or which are not commercially available in the United States will be permitted to be exhibited only when accompanied by the appropriate signs that indicate the product or device’s FDA clearance status. The AAP must be notified of non-FDA approved products. The AAP has the right to decline promotion of non-FDA approved products. The following are samples of signs that should be displayed:

– This drug/device is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.

– This drug/device is intended to be used in the United States as described in the product’s labeling.

Signs must be easily visible and placed near the drug or device, and on any graphics depicting the drug or device. Exhibitors are cautioned about the FDA’s prohibition of promoting drugs or devices that are cleared for marketing for unapproved uses.

Requests for information and guidance can be obtained at: www.fda.gov/cder

Fire &Safety Regulations

Federal, state, and city fire laws must be strictly observed. Aisles must be kept clear of boxes during exhibit setup and dismantling. Wiring must comply with fire department and underwriters’ rules. All decorations must be fireproofed and a certificate of proof available for Fire Marshal inspection. Only those individuals directly responsible for the setup and dismantling of the display will be permitted in the exhibit area during move-in/move-out times.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste is any material being stored, recycled, or thrown away that could cause injury or death, or pollute air, land or water. Exhibitors who generate waste material fitting any of these criteria should inform the Exhibit Manager of the presence and planned disposition of hazardous waste at the time of space application to allow for thorough planning and preparation.


The American Academy of Pediatrics acts for exhibitors and their representatives in the capacity of agent, not as principal. The AAP assumes no liability for any act of omission or commission in connection with this agency, including, but not limited to, any loss or damages suffered by an exhibitor as a result of any act or omission of any vendor, service provider, or other exhibitor. Exhibitors and their representatives hereby release the American Academy of Pediatrics from any and all liabilities for loss or damage ensuing from any cause whatsoever, except for claims for damages or injuries resulting from the AAP’s failure to fulfill its obligations as set forth in the application and contract for exhibit space, and in the rules and regulations. In addition, each exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the AAP for all costs, damages, and liability, including attorney’s fees, claimed against the AAP based upon acts or omissions of the exhibitor or any of its employees or agents. Each party agrees to be responsible for its own property through insurance or self-insurance.

Governing Law

Exhibitors agree that any disputes between the AAP and the exhibitor arising out of exhibitor’s participation in the AAP 2017 National Conference & Exhibition shall be brought in the courts, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.

Cancellation of Exhibition

It is mutually agreed that in the event the AAP 2017 National Conference & Exhibition is cancelled due to disasters, strikes, governmental regulations, or causes that would prevent its scheduled opening or continuance, then and thereupon this agreement will be terminated. The management of the American Academy of Pediatrics shall then determine an equitable basis for the refund of such portion of the exhibit fees as is possible, after due consideration of expenditures and commitments already made.

Contract for Space

The information contained in the Application and Contract for Exhibit Space, and the Exhibit Rules and Regulations constitute a contract for the right to use the space allocated.