Connections Corner


Visit the Connections Corner, located in the convention center, Great Hall Pre-Function, to become recharged for a full day of education and networking. The Connections Corner offers a variety of services and a live theater with expert lead tech and health sessions! Be sure to stop in and stay awhile. 

Within the Connections Corner, be sure to visit these helpful and interactive areas:

Tech Bar

The Tech Bar is back at it again at this year’s National Conference! Enjoy expert lead, tech-focused sessions and have your LinkedIn profile reviewed. Also at your fingertips, everything you need to learn on how to integrate technology to juggle what you need to get done in your professional and personal life, and to increase productivity and give you the tools to succeed.

Stop by the Tech Bar and experience all of this:

  • Increase your productivity with apps and gadgets at the Tech Bar
  • Engage with tech experts who can help you navigate the National Conference mobile app and make the most out of your meeting experience
  • Get your tech-related questions answered
  • Be hands-on with disruptive gadgets that can change the way you use technology
  • Immerse yourself in new technology while learning the latest tips and tricks
  • Challenge yourself to be the tech guru

Health & Wellness Center

Everyone dreams of a healthy lifestyle and while you’re away from home focusing on improving the health of others, take some time to commit to a healthier you.

Visit the Health & Wellness Center for all of this and more:

  • Engage with wellness experts to increase your overall health
  • Receive inspiring ideas for empowerment of your health and wellness
  • Get active with a morning workout or mid-day stretch
  • Try unique health equipment… go surfing indoors!
  • Take the Personal Assessment inVESTment to receive personalized advice for improving YOUR health