Frequently Asked Questions

Conference & Exhibit Information

1. Where is the Exhibit Hall located?

The Exhibit Hall is located in Hall B2-D. The entrance to the exhibit hall is from Hall B.

2. Where can I find the Exhibitor Care Area?

All exhibitors services can be found in the Exhibitor Care Area. This includes exhibitor registration, booth services, lead retrieval and Onsite Booth Sales.  The Exhibitor Care Area is located in Hall D behind the 1600 aisle. Review the floorplan for placement.

3. Where can I register exhibitor names (for badges)?

Once you are logged in with your password you will be able to select the Booth Personnel link to enter names.

4. How can I see who has been registered for badges?

Use the Exhibitor Log-in link with your password. Select Booth Personnel.You will see a list of the names that have been registered. NOTE: You can only view staff names online. A confirmation email is not generated.

5. What will appear on my printed badge?

Only the First name, Last name and Company name will be listed on the badge.

6. How many attendees are anticipated for this conference?

We anticipate 16,000 total attendees and estimate about 10,000 key decision makers.

7. I have not received my exhibitor kit (Online Exhibitor Service Manual)?

The Online Exhibitor Service Manual is sent electronically along with a password. The Online Exhibitor Service Manual will be sent in June 2019. If it is past June 2019, please immediately contact our General Contractor: Tradeshow Logistics either via email or phone. Email: or 877-857-2838 enter #2.

8. Can exhibitors attend conference sessions?

Exhibitors (with an exhibit badge) can attend non-ticketed sessions that are not full in capacity. CME credit can only be obtained if you’re registered as an attendee for the conference.

9. What are the AAP National Conference & Exhibition official social media channels?

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Attendee Marketing List

1. How can I obtain an attendee list?

The Attendee Marketing List form is provided in your Online Exhibitor Service Manual. Before your order can be processed, you must submit mailing materials for approval to: Eva Fujino either via email, fax or mail: . The list is sent (1) time per order, for a (1) time mailing use. The list can only be used by the purchasing company. The list can’t be shared for additional use. It is strictly prohibited to add the AAP attendee list into a database for continued usage.

2. How can I list the conference in our marketing piece?
  • AAP National Conference
  • AAP National Conference & Exhibition
  • American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition
  • 2019 AAP National Conference
  • 2019 AAP National Conference & Exhibition
  • 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition
3. How will I receive the attendee list?

The list is emailed to the key tradeshow contact in an excel document.The initial list will be sent September 18, 2019. You can request that the list (provided one time per purchase) be sent on the Wednesday of your choice.

Note: The post-conference list is available typically 2 weeks after the conference.

4. When should I send my materials for review?

Your materials can be sent for review anytime. Please allow 2-3 business days for review. Also allow time for edits if materials require changes.

5. What is included on the attendee list?

The attendee list includes mailing addresses only (no email). Two lists are provided. One list is the complete attendee registration list (all attendees registered for the conference). The other list is a demographic list. PLEASE NOTE: Attendees are not required to complete the demographic questions, therefore, the demographic list will provide less names.

List information breakdown:

Attendee mailing list:
First Name        
Last Name         
Organization Name       
Mailing Address

Demographic list:
First Name        
Last Name         
Attendee Profile            
Annual Volume of Products & Services Purchased           

6. How much does the attendee list cost?

The pre-show list price is $600 and the post show list price is $800.

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Preparation for Onsite

1. Where do I find forms such as: Intent to Distribute Premium, Novelty Items, or Food Products?

These forms can be found in your Online Exhibitor Service Manual.

2. What are the badge colors this year?

Blue FAAP – AAP Members (Fellows)
Blue Member – AAP Members (Residents & Candidate Members)
(Blank) Blue Bar – Non-Member Physicians/Residents, Allied Health & Medical Students
Pink Staff – AAP Staff
Grey Supplier – Vendors
Green Guest – Family
Black or Brown – Press
Gold – Exhibitor
Red Exhibit Only – Exhibit Only

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Company Description

1. How do I submit my company information & product description?

You will be sent a link and password in your Booth Assignment Letter. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to update the online information.


  • Enter log in site
  • Enter password
  • Click “Edit Booth Info”
  • Update any company information. Enter company/product description information in PRINT PROFILE to be included in Onsite Exhibit Guide – deadline is September 6, 2019. (up to 50 words or 500 characters).
  • Enter company/product description information in ONLINE PROFILE
  • WELCOME MESSAGE is optional and is typically a tag line.

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Contact Information

American Academy of Pediatrics:

Eva Fujino
Exhibits Manager
(p) 630-626-6585

Racheal McDonald  
Meeting & Exhibits Coordinator
(p) 630-626-6243

Booth Sales

Corcoran Expositions
Barry Sacks
(p) 312-265-9642

General Contractor

Customer Care
(p) 877-857-2838 #2

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