National Conference & Exhibition Planning Group

The AAP National Conference & Exhibition Planning Group consists of a cross section of over 25 practicing pediatricians, medical and surgical pediatric subspecialists. This group works together to review and accept over 350 sessions in over 70 topic areas that comprise the conference program. In the complex planning of this activity, the committee makeup is representative of general pediatricians in practice and academic contexts as well as all the major subspecialty groups. It is the expertise of the diverse members of this planning group that ensures the scope of practice is being met at the conference.

* denotes National Conference & Exhibition Planning Group Executive Committee

2019 Planning Group Chairperson

Cassandra Pruitt, MD, FAAP, Saint Louis, MO*
Expertise in Hospital Medicine

2019 Planning Group Members

Elizabeth Beierle, MD, FAAP, Birmingham, AL
Cardiac Surgery; Ophthalmology; Otolaryngology; Plastic Surgery; Surgery; Urology
Expertise in Surgery

Sara Berkelhamer, MD, FAAP, Buffalo, NY
Home Health; Neonatology/Perinatology
Expertise in Neonatology/Perinatal Pediatrics

Lisa Brown, MD, FAAP, Grand Rapids, MI
Child Abuse & Neglect; Diagnostic Skills; Environmental Health
Expertise in General Pediatrics

Gale Burstein, MD, MPH, FAAP, Amherst, NY
Adolescent Heath; Child Death Review; LGBT+; Substance Use; Smoking/Tobacco
Expertise in Adolescent Health


Mary Cataletto, MD, FAAP, Glen Head, NY
Allergy & Immunology; Pulmonology
Expertise in Pulmonology

Douglas Diekema, MD, MPH, FAAP, Kenmore, WA*
Bioethics; Disaster Preparedness; Integrative Medicine
Expertise in Bioethics/Disaster Preparedness

Laura Ferguson, MD, FAAP
Disease Prevention/Health Promotion; International Medical Graduates; Minority Health; Oral Health; Quality Improvement; School Health

Michael Foulds, MD, FAAP, Colorado Springs, CO*
Liaison, Committee on Continuing Medical Education (COCME)
Medical Education; Simulation
Expertise in General Pediatrics

Andrew Gregory, MD, FAAP, Nashville, TN
Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine; Orthopaedics; Rheumatology; Sports Medicine
Expertise in Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine

Susan Guralnick, MD, FAAP, Napa, CA
Liaison, PREP Self-Assessment
Community Pediatrics; Epidemiology; Osteopathic Pediatricians; Research
Expertise in General Pediatrics

Sandra Hassink, MD, FAAP, Wilmington, DE
Obesity; Endocrinology/Metabolism; Senior Members
Expertise in Obesity

Mika Hiramatsu, MD, FAAP, Hayward, CA*
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics; Mental Health
Expertise in General Pediatrics/Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics


Amy Houtrow, MD, MPH, PhD, FAAP, Pittsburgh, PA
Adoption & Foster Care; Children with Special Healthcare Needs; Child Care & Early Education
Expertise in Children with Disabilities

Mary Anne Jackson, MD, FAAP, Kansas City, MO
Infectious Diseases
Expertise in Infectious Diseases

Jeffrey Kile, MD, MHA, FAAP, Kingston, PA*
Advances in Therapeutics & Technology; Advocacy; Med/Peds; Telehealth
Expertise in General Pediatrics

Lt Col Dalila Lewis, MD, FAAP, Derwood, MD
Neurology; Neurosurgery; Pharmacology; Uniformed Services
Expertise in Neurology

Jennifer Miller, MD, FAAP, Oakland, CA*
Dermatology; Information Technology; Pediatric Workforce
Expertise in General Pediatrics

Elizabeth Murray, DO, FAAP, Rochester, NY
Communications & Media; Early Career Physicians; Pediatric Trainees
Expertise in Emergency Medicine

Kavita Parikh, MD, FAAP, Bethesda, MD
Hematology & Oncology; Hospice & Palliative Medicine; Hospital Medicine

Robert Saul, MD, FAAP, Greenville, SC
Genetics & Epigenetics; Radiology & Imaging
Expertise in General Pediatrics/Genetics

Steven Selbst, MD, FAAP, Wilmington, DE
Critical Care; Emergency Medicine; Injury, Violence, & Poison Prevention; Transport Medicine
Expertise in Emergency Medicine/Critical Care

Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP, Atlanta, GA*
Expertise in General Pediatrics

Jonathan Teitelbaum, MD, FAAP, Morganville, NJ
Gastroenterology; Nutrition; Breastfeeding
Expertise in Gastroenterology

Katherine Twombley MD, FAAP, Mt Pleasant, SC
Cardiology; Nephrology
Expertise in Nephrology

Todd Wolynn, MD, FAAP, Pittsburgh, PA*
Health Care Finance; Leadership; Practice Management
Expertise in General Pediatrics